“Because you make me feel safe,” he gasped, his face pink and sweaty. “Dad almost had a heart attack the first time it happened, but he consulted some of his colleagues and as it turns out it’s really uncommon, but sometimes kids’ calf muscles lock up when they’re recovering from the flu. He was five-foot-three and didn’t weigh more than a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. She hated thinking about that. They were laughing louder now; Roxas had one hand clutched to his stomach and Xion’s cheeks were beginning to smart. Riku brought as many books as he could carry and Kairi brought her multitudes of crafting supplies; all of this they piled into and carted over in a rusty Radio Flyer wagon. He decided that he’d spare her the truth for now, that she didn’t need a twinge of guilt piled on top of everything else she had on her plate. Xion talked about Lea and Roxas, and how she ended up moving in with Lea because he was the only one she knew to go to. You don’t have to listen to a piece of paper. The place looked like it hadn’t been touched in five years at the least. Xion huffed, which Lea took to mean as a yes . It was almost completely silent; only the call of a distant mourning dove and the rustle of leaves in the breeze assured her that she was not standing in a vacuum. Once you figure out that the universe is a cold and uncaring bitch, you can do one of two things: you can accept it, or you can kill yourself,” said Zexion, slouching further back into the couch. But he had the wingspan of an albatross, and swept her protectively under it without a second thought. Angefangen vom normalen Hamburger, über Cheeseburger hin zu vegetarischen-, Bio- und auch Chicken - Burgern, gehören zur Angebotspalette. She had unread messages. He was content to sit together with them at the cafe, watching Kairi pouring an unorthodox amount of honey into her tea and listen to her mumbling something about how she was hoping for a new iPod for the holidays but she wasn’t counting on it, while Riku stirred a single packet of sweetener into his latte and thumbed idly through the book he’d been reading. I’ll take some of those chips, though.”. Sora shuffled across the room to crawl across the bed and seat himself next to her. Riku hummed in solemn understanding, and they continued to gaze wide-eyed at the brawl below. It’s like she became a completely different person.”, “Lea mentioned that she got sick. Everything was all still there with no effort of cleanup to be seen, left only to gather dust as nature reclaimed the earth they had been built upon. I’m not going to tell him.”, “He’s been my best friend since preschool, Kairi. Sora wandered halfway into the living room before pausing for a long moment with no particular expression on his face at all. “I might as well have shot him in the head,” Lea replied. He heard Axel suck in his breath, felt his grip tighten on his shoulder so hard that it hurt. I need you to know this.”, There was a sigh. Oh, Kairi. It’s just the afternoon breeze going through it , he told himself, still not fully convinced. He pretended that it didn’t sting. “What are you working on?”, “I started it last night when I couldn’t sleep. face, you walnut.” Riku rolled up the sleeve of his windbreaker and dabbed at his lip with the edge of the sweater he was wearing underneath. Roxas glanced up at his face again and watched something roll down his cheek. She winced as she said it and took a strained breath. He watched Riku’s face fall, his sheepdog hair falling over his shoulder as he tilted his head. By Erik Satie.” Xion almost whispered it. “I wish she’d just beat me up. The light outside was changing, illuminating the side of his face with a watery yellow as the sun rose and highlighted the angle of his jawline. Wait, stop--! You quit making music. Basierend rein auf pflanzlichen Proteinen bietet er somit echten Genuss ohne Verzicht. It was far too large for him to wrap his arms around, but he had hugged it just for the love of it anyway. ”. It was awful, but it was. Xion pictured the candy-red bass with six strings and a bolt-on neck her mind’s eye had assigned him hibernating at the back of his bedroom closet. Xion wondered idly about the unplayable CD in the jewel case. She sighed again--a tired sigh he felt on the back of his neck, which was now bare as she fixed a larger volume of his hair into a thick braid. What Do You Go Home To? I’m starting to think that you’re only happy when you’re making yourself miserable.”, He stared absently at the ground. “Xion, who do you think I hang out with? It wasn’t his place to sit. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. There was a warmth in her stomach where she usually felt nothing. The way he’d uttered that sentence with a growl startled her; she assumed he was compliant with the behavior that annoyed her. Kairi made a very convincing show of appearing to know what she was doing despite being strung tight as a rubber band. Where Sora hummed. Lea had shown up in the driveway less than ten minutes after Roxas’ frantic phone call, determined to return Ventus to his siblings in one piece (or just most of him, because Sora was almost sure that he was already missing his stomach.) Xion swallowed wrong and spent the following seconds silently choking on air. Sora always imagined that he’d live with his friends in their own apartment someday, maybe during college. He took a deep breath and blurted, “Kairi, I might have... kissed him.”. The truth wasn’t really that far off. The shift happened at age thirteen, when the blade of her knife had been in his hand. She continued to stare ahead without making any sound of acknowledgement. He continued to stare at it before slowly turning his head away. They both looked tired and disheveled; there was what appeared to be an old coffee stain on the front of Aqua’s maroon zip hoodie, and Terra’s shirt was wrinkled like he had slept in it. “What happened? Maybe Terra could wear it. It was underproduced, the singing wasn’t good, and it didn’t even have much of a melody--and yet, it resonated with something inside him. Then he said, a little too loudly, “I’ll make you a chocolate cake.”. “And only ‘cause my controller is sticky.”, “You’re such a sore loser. Everyone knows that.” He hooked his free arm around hers as if to further his point, but he kept it there as they shuffled back home. He curled his fingers around it tentatively, almost sure he was going to drop it the instant she let go because his day just seemed to be going that way. “Nature is terrifying,” Sora heard Riku mumble. She was the relief of shade under bone-bleaching sun, and Naminé wanted to drape a blanket over that patch of cool grass and curl up in it and sleep forever. The window blinds were half shuttered, casting striped shadows over the bedspread. Sometimes there was nothing at all, just a black hole, dense and empty at the same time. He watched her making faces as she hummed. She drew out multiple hopelessly tangled strings of lights in varying colors, but she didn’t have any expectations for them to be in working condition. Burger King has copped flak for its recent marketing stunt on streaming platform Twitch. He briefly mourned the loss of the weekend. “Okay,” he replied, a little tickled. She realized now that it was a stupid assumption—Roxas didn’t put up with anything that annoyed him. fuck Sora was still playing Mario Kart against Ventus and Roxas. It was mostly cardboard boxes that had already been crushed and folded. Like I said before, there are no graphic descriptions. His eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks were blotchy. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up.”, “When do you think it… stops? This time he was accompanied by Riku and it put him in a good mood. He dove. He figured now was probably the best time to talk. In one hand they gripped what looked like a walking stick. “Slow down, we need to turn on the radio first.” He picked up the boombox and wove his way out of the garage and into the kitchen with the others in tow, plugged it into an outlet, and sat it neatly on the kitchen table. He sat down in the chair next to Roxas. volunteered to do the dishes, he just shrugged and waved him out the door. “Get off me, you skeleton! Riku took it. At some point Lea had abandoned his perch to work on the furnace; Roxas was gone as well, so she assumed he must’ve left to keep Lea company. “We’re not running from zombies or murdering each other for supplies; there’s no reason for trashed houses and burned down malls. Catastrophe and the Cure - Explosions in the Sky, i love that fic lets me throw in any stupid detail i want, such as that sora treats his books in a way that makes pretentious bibliophiles tear their hair out, and if i could make a big list of excerpts of "details that made me laugh as i wrote them" without feeling like i look like i think my writing is the absolute shit, i would, Funny enough, Christmas is around the corner just in time for me to post this first part of a Christmas double special. “She played guitar in Lea’s old band, and she was the “You Her father was a carpenter, and she worked on it in her garage under his supervision. hee, hee, hee Riku stared at the pastries through the oven window with his head tilted slightly to the side before turning back to clean the mess of flour and miscellaneous leavening ingredients off the stove. “I dunno,” Riku said. Demyx played the guitar as well, except on the days he didn’t, and instead he brought a curious thing with a long neck strung with metal which made an even more curious droning sound. I’m here, Someone had taken his friend away and replaced him with something sad and hollow. “Lea, you set her up with, “The worst,” hissed Roxas, grabbing Xion’s wrists and looking her straight in the eye. Sora let Riku shove him off. If there was one thing Riku was sure about Kairi, it was that at birth she had inherited a piece of John Muir’s soul. Somehow, the students remained. “Hey,” he hissed, jostling the stranger on his back a bit. “Isn’t she a model?”. With one hand he fished it out and glanced at the screen, and Riku watched his brows furrow and his mouth contort into a frown. He let out another long, deflating sigh and closed his eyes. Was this an excuse to ask her to come over? Axel had introduced him to Roxas as his best friend. A baby-faced boy with pursed lips and hooded eyes glared back at her. I love the whole aesthetic of your story, I can’t wait to see how everything is going to play out. Although, she ate about seven muffins at once... which I’ve seen her do before. “I’m tired,” he said. Aqua answered the door. Riku had grown several inches then. I’m just trying to find the right way to do things.”, A soft chuckle. “Can you tell me why is it so fucking cold in here?” Lea’s voice drifted over from the top of the couch. He was more preoccupied with the space itself—empty, quiet. There was smoke in the air, but it smelled bitter somehow. get your bony ass back here. Middle school came with the reality of pain--pain in strange, indeterminable places. It was early, way too early--the time between night and morning where the world looked like a grey and barren Tony Hawk Skater Pro game from the early aughts where the area textures hadn’t loaded all the way yet. adult. The wind whistled through the grate carrying a scent that was decidedly worse that the one that had been in their nostrils so far. “She played guitar in Lea’s old band, and she was the, “So we made it all the way to the parking lot and she hops in this Tesla. There’s no help.’. Now he couldn’t turn back. He bit his lip and swore when Sora swabbed his palm with an alcohol soaked cotton ball, because it briefly amplified the stinging sensation to “I’m about to cry” levels. “Whoops. “Oh,” started Sora, sitting up suddenly. “That’s not what I meant, but we can do that. I waited so long to call, I thought it had become too late. Some of the ceiling tiles had fallen onto the floor, chipping the floor tiles and exposing wires and the ventilation system. He blinked and another landed on his forehead, and then his cheek, and then on his eyelid. “Tidepools are really important. “Sora, come here, look--” he held up his phone. “Wait.” He tugged at Riku’s arm, pulling him in and bringing their faces close. “Aw. The radio static was in her brain now, making her stare like an idiot. Do your brothers know you’re like this?”. as Riku’s eyes crinkled in a silent cackle. Their noses bumped together before their lips met, chapped and overlapping awkwardly with a vague taste of chapstick. “They all had a huge falling out, and Lea gets upset for real if anyone talks about it so I don’t, alright? His hair was spiked, but it looked like he had given up halfway through styling it and just let a mess of unruly strands fall across his face. He sat down in the tub and let the water run over him and he turned it hotter and hotter until he thought his skin was gonna melt. Online Online. She had decided at some point that lying facedown on the living room carpet moaning “I’m saaaad” every half hour or so was a good hobby to take up, and the weather was a nice backdrop for her pitious wailing. “I asked him if he knew anyone I might be able to go with and he said he had this Also, are you out by yourself?” Riku asked. “I’d like that,” he said, and kissed her back. He watched it take ragged breaths, fixing him with its large, dark, wet eye. When Riku left the room, Sora continued to sit at the edge of her bed. Riku let out some combination of a groan and a whine as they were plunged into inky darkness. She fished it out and found it was a text from Lea. Riku’s pace slowed to a walk and Sora fell into step. When guests began arriving—more college-aged kids who mulled about the garage and the backyard while others lingered in the kitchen around coolers full up with soda and beer—Roxas stole away to the front yard where he stood under the porch lights and watched them drive up the street in expensive cars. Burger planet is literally no different from the local bum that lives in your town or on the street. Sora and company find themselves alone in the aftermath of a sweeping plague and are faced with the reality of the fact that life still goes on. There came an ear-shattered scream that echoed through his chest and froze the blood in his veins. Beside him, Sora tapped at his thigh. “Woah, are you gonna have an episode? In lieu of a lawn was a thoughtfully landscaped garden of native plants nestled among a stone pathway. Warning for uncomfortable, but not terribly graphic injury in this chapter. “But you have our entire afterlives to make it up to me.”. “I can’t.” Her voice was hollow with a fear that had long been etched into her soul. stupid thing. She was an adult, right? Sora blinked. For a guy who seemed to care little about most other spaces in the house, he took great care in how his CDs, records, and video games were stored. Then he heard Kairi’s voice. A shot rang out that echoed painfully in his ears and for a moment he could hear nothing else. But by five o’clock her eyes were burning from being awake so long and she had a headache that throbbed above her browline. Sorry we’re so fucking stupid. Instead, she took the bracelet out from her jacket again and wove it between her fingers. Suddenly there was a metal banging sound ( “Ow, fuck--” yelled a voice from somewhere in the house) followed by a rumbling, and then the furnace roared to life. Most of the time he made it out in one piece, but there were times when he’d gash his shin or his shoulder but he’d grin like it didn’t hurt and tell her he was still having a good time. ”, Sora straightened the covers anyway and patted down the creases, but the crease between his brows still remained. Xion had begun to doze off with Schubert still at the back of her throat. For a moment the deer surfaced above the sea of coyotes; there was a piercing yelp as it brought its hooves down upon one unfortunate coyote again and again until it lay still on the tile floor. There was still a little sleep crusted onto his eyelids. tell her! A senior? quiet? “Thanks,” she replied, fumbling with her bangs. annoying. Kairi rolled her eyes and shot Riku a look. “We found you, you’re alive. He didn’t know why, but it made him angry--even though it probably wasn’t right to be angry at a very ill, delirious teenager. “Yes, it’s good. “You didn’t tell me you were coming! “Uh, it’s not even a text, it’s a private message from the app Roxas made me download.”, “Hmm, maybe we got an offer on our abundance of oranges. Come find out why ours is the best burger this side of the asteroid belt! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. This wasn’t going to fix anything. That annoyed her. She released her fingers and Xion sat back, trying to increase the distance between their knees. Sometimes all he felt they could do was cling desperately to each other. “Like I said, just a hunch. After a beat his face softened, and he said, with his voice low in his throat, “But really, are you alright?”. made “Hey,” he said. He felt guilty. Then he looked at his wrists and the underside of his forearms, where the skin was red from where he always scratched at them.

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