0 BBY (de facto with destruction of Alderaan) With numerous consular security soldiers still present to guard the base, the attack commenced and became a major success, with the Death Star ultimately being destroyed. "Looks like an Imperial-I class star destroyer just popped into realspace." As well as the ground base, many soldiers were seen on starships such as the MC75 star cruiser Profundity and the CR90 corvette Tantive IV. 7 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Dec 19, 2020 . It appears they're specific to whichever dignitary. Rebel Honor Guards were a bodyguards of Alliance to Restore the Republic soldiers sworn to defend and protect key members of the Rebellion3 with their lives.4 They wore dark buttoned down jackets with pockets, matching pants and black boots. Alderaanian consular security The Alderaanian fleet's security force, the Alderaanian consular security , crewed other vessels of the Alliance Fleet, such as the MC75 Star Cruiser Profundity [5] and the RHA Consonance . 47 Comments. Jefkin closed the airlock and ordered the corvette to launch. 0 Comments. [2] Among the consular security soldiers on the ground was Gale Torg, who was assigned to guard and escort senators and dignitaries who visited the Alliance. 7 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Dec 19, 2020 . Friend was the nickname of a human male officer in the Rebel Alliance. 21 Comments. Location(s) Unfortunately, the Tantive IV was leaking from its hyperdrive which left a trail for the Devastator to follow. 16 Favourites. Welcome to the 9News.com.au live blog for Wednesday, November 18.. Affiliation On his shoulders sat the command insignia of a First Lieutenant; a silver epaulette with two orange bars in the center. After taking heavy losses, the soldiers were in full retreat, and several were captured. Affiliation Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Security force[1] The Tantive IV descended from the Profundity and made a quick escape from the system.[2]. As he did that, another soldier prompted him to get going and they took the drive and ran down to the next security door. Despite everyone's views so far, the soldiers in the opening scene of ANH are not Rebel Soldiers, nor Alderaanian ones, for that matter. About 1 month ago. They were armed commonly with DH-17 Blaster Pistols, along with white helmets equipped with a standard comlink and flash visor, though the latter obstructed the wearer's vision and darkened it as well. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. 521 Views. Star Wars Helmet Collection 20–class. The man swears he saw-" A shrill, beeping alert cut LN-451 short. AlderaanHouse of Organa Notable battles They make an odd group; a dead Concordian, a misplaced JEDI healer and two people he’s fairly sure hail from Alderaan and unless Rex is very much mistaken are Alderaanian Consular Security. The door malfunctioned and failed to open completely, with the lights turning off simultaneously from the damage made to the ship. Aboard the Profundity, many consular security soldiers were rushing to get onto the Tantive IV, which was docked into the hanger of the cruiser. Guerilla Warfare [SFM/4K] Archangel470. Upon further consideration, Endor makes MUCH more sense, and fits in very well with the design of the initial Rebel Troopers. The Rebel Honor Guards were a squad of Alliance to Restore the Republicsoldiers sworn to defend and protect key members of the Rebellion [1] with their lives. 343 Favourites. The Alderaanian Guard, or Senatorial Guard, protected Alderaan's delegation to the Galactic and Imperial Senates and various Alderaanian diplomats. Brickipedia: Rebel Trooper BrickLink: sw0995 - inv used value: version | variant: 75237 - scout gear , open mouth, vest pockets feature: -first release Alderaanian women are seen dressed in outfits and hairstyles reminiscent of Princess Leia's classic appearance. “State your business, Imperial.” “This is Padmé Amidala, a former queen and senator of Naboo and a friend of House Organa,” Padmé introduced herself, her voice crisp and clear and holding authority she did not feel. They were known to utilize DH-17 blaster pistols. They wore the same helmets as the Alderaanian consular security, and their weapon of choice was the electropole. When the Viceroy Bail Organa became a leading member in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, these forces also played a part in fighting the Galactic Empire. “This is Lieutenant Chabiv of Alderaanian consular security,” she said. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Alderaan_Guard?oldid=9529606, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. With the proclamation of the New Order 19 years before the Battle of Yavin, discontinued military equipment from the former Grand Army of the Republic often wound up in the hands of rebelling factions in a variety of star systems. 0 Comments. Several soldiers took position to defend the airlock, where stormtroopers blasted their way in, pushing the defenders back. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Alderaanian consular security JediQuinn. [4] They wore dark buttoned down jackets with pockets, matching pants and blackboots. The troopers of consular security wore pale blue shirts, grey trousers, and black calf length boots. [1][3], Some Alderaanian consular security soldiers were seen at high command meetings, By 0 BBY, many Alderaanian consular security soldiers were based at the Alliance to Restore the Republic's main base on Yavin 4. Royal Guards protected the Aldera Royal Palace as well as the members of the House of Organa and were largely ceremonial in nature. 25 Comments. The Alderaanian fleet eventually became part of the larger Alliance Fleet of the Rebel Alliance, with the Tantive IV being part of the naval force by the Battle of Scarif. [Source], Alderaanian consular security, with its members known as Fleet Troopers,[4] was the security force present on Alderaan and on its consular vessels, responsible for guarding and escorting senators and other dignitaries. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Royal Guards protected the Aldera Royal Palace as well as the members of the House of Organa and were largely ceremonial in nature. 46 Comments. MiniFigs.nl - LEGO Star Wars minifigures. Derrault 1,083 Derrault 1,083 Member; Members; 1,083 2,451 posts; … 4. The soldier with the plans continued knocking on the door until Toshma Jefkin came from the other side of the door to help. The Wookiepedia article sources the name from Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide (First identified as Alderaanian consular security) which is considered a canon publication. The Guard also had a space presence, consisting of Alderaanian War Frigates and Alderaanian War Cruisers. In the New Republic Era, a variation of it's troop attire consisted of a blue tunic with a New Republic roundel on the left shoulder, blue trousers, white shoes, a white belt and holster and a white helmet with a black tinted visor, the same type worn by the Alderaanian consular security. The two men with her – he thinks their names are Torg and Smad-something – nod in agreement, and while Dr Che doesn’t, Rex knows she’s with them too. Aug 5, 2015 - Learn about Star Wars characters, planets, ships, vehicles, droids, and more in the official Star Wars Databank at StarWars.com. Alderaanian Guard escort Leia Organa on Coruscant. LT-667 rolled his eyes. However, before making for the Tantive IV, one of the soldiers stopped at a terminal to extract the plans for the Death Star, the very plans they had obtained during the battle, on a datacard. He wore the distinct uniform of the Alderaanian Consular Security Force; a pale blue shirt, black combat vest, grey trousers and black calf-length boots, along with a distinctive white helmet with a tinted visor above the forehead. Antilles denied that they had the Death Star plans and Vader choked him to death in his anger. Alderaanian monarchy[1]Royal House of Alderaan[1]Alliance to Restore the Republic[3]Alliance Fleet[4] The distinctive white service helmet featured a flash visor as well as, in many cases, an integrated comlink. Organizational information Strategy Edit. [3], Although the Death Star plans barely escaped the Tantive IV, the Death Star went and destroyed Alderaan later that day. Alderaan Guard 14 Favourites. With many resenting Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine's expansionist policies into the galaxies periphery, many came to form loose, unorganized cells against the Emperor's reign. Other information Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. Show Less. Prior to the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War, Friend was a member of the Alderaanian consular security. The Alderaanian guards have the same helmets as those of the Alderaanian Consular Security troopers in A New Hope and the Rebel soldiers (in Alderaanian uniforms) on Yavin 4 and the Profundity in both Rogue One and A New Hope. The security booth fell into silence. Date dissolved It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. He told them about a rebel attack on Scarif and when they asked of Admiral Raddus and he claimed he was already on his way there with a large portion of the Alliance Fleet.[2]. View, comment, download and edit jw security Minecraft skins. Soon after, the plans made it to the Alliance's main base, although they were tracked and followed by the Death Star. [4] In 2016, the troopers appeared in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story[2] and were identified as the Alderaanian consular security in the Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide that came out simultaneously.[1]. Raddus had been notified of the attack by a consular security soldier on the Profundity. [3] These included Captain Miara Larte and Jessamyn, who were still in mourning for their friends on Alderaan. Edited May 24, 2018 by Indy_com. halonut117. Officers in consular security wore a similar uniform, but instead sported a light brown jacket, shirt and pants along with a brown belt. 60 Favourites. [1] Alderaanian Consular Security (Rebel Trooper) By efrajoey1 Watch. Their primary role was to guard Alderaanian dignitaries, and after the Rebellion began, many served as Rebel troops. [6] Captain Raymus Antilles ordered for the consular security soldiers to secure the airlock and prepare the escape pods. General information At least one New Republic soldier used the same helmet type as the Alderaanian consular security soldiers.[8]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. LN-451 observed. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. 179 Favourites. Antilles was captured and interogated by Darth Vader. General information Centrally located, SAE Sydney is a creative media hub, set across seven-storeys in vibrant Chippendale. About twenty-four years after the Battle of Endor, New Republic soldiers stationed at the Galactic Senate on H… Battle of Scarif[2]Secret mission to Tatooine[3] Alderaan, The galaxy (as escort) [5] His swift response meant he and the Alliance Fleet managed to win at Scarif, although with the cost of the Profundity being disabled by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Devastator. 3 0 4. The Alderaan Guard was the royal and diplomatic protective security force on the planet Alderaan. The soldiers opened fire and Vader began picking them off. A little sample of the uniforms and armor of the factions in the Star Wars universe. Brickipedia: Rebel Trooper BrickLink: sw0427 - inv value: version | variant: 9509 - scout gear , pupils and smile feature: -first release They wore traditional armor and slack hats and were equipped with riot-halting repellant foam and antiquated and ineffectual long rifles that were usually only fired at royal funerals. They wore the same helmets [3] as the Alderaanian consular security, [5] and their weapon of choice was the electropole. [Source]. A large number of consular security soldiers attended the Royal Award Ceremony that awarded the heroes of the battle. Alderaan[1] LN-451 glanced at the readout under his comrade's helmet. The trapped soldier with the stolen plans pounds on the sealed hatch. To tie the Rebel releases together the former Alderaanian consular security, or Marines, makes a lot of sense as we only see those uniforms shortly before seeing Leia in … There they worked as mainly security for the base and it's personnel with one watching starships fly in and out on an elevated viewing platform and others attending the meetings with the Alliance High Command.