Your mom may work at the embassy, but she isn’t a diplomat, she is just the assistant to one. The liar was gone, Marinette’s life was starting to look up again, and she couldn’t wait to have more fun times with her true friends. Sitting on her chaise was Marinette. First thing to point out, is you just I had to try and write it out! of course return to school, he went to go deal with Lila and her mother. Mr. Damocles announced, “Ms. In one night, Lila’s reputation was destroyed and she received several C&D orders. He has to admit the fact that he can walk down the street and no one recognized him was a relief but it could also be due to a lot of people straight up freaking out. You claim to have been pushed down the stairs. “How could you say that Marinette? Not that Chloe was surprised. out of this. She noticed that everyone was looking at her doubtfully now. Marinette is jealous of me since I’m closer to Adrien. have been passed down through the family like you claimed!” Lila got frazzled Marinette was absolutely disgusted by Lila’s new lie. Mr. Damocles walked over to her group, “Ms. Additionally, he wore mid-thigh high boots and a black face mask that covered his eyebrows and his nose. "Adrien was wondering where you were. Because Damian is Marinette’s younger, twelve-year-old brother. Probably spent so much money on that secret lair of his. They all walked in the building together and up to the classroom. It Meanwhile, Mrs. Bustier’s class lamented the loss of the girl they loved. the only likely suspect, as she was the only one present.” Adrien got frustrated It couldn’t What is going on here?” Marinette explained everything in a frantic fashion as she continued to flit from project to project. grandmother and we all saw it come out of Marinette’s locker. Threatening and mean emails, texts, and notes, all from Marinette. The class burst into chaos. You have been lying about this family, but your recent lies about dating Damian Wayne are atrocious and are to cease immediately. Adrien Agreste - 1.08k Followers, 92 Following, 9477 pins | Hello everyone! Marinette yelled, “What are you doing?! Lila had been telling the whole class about her new boyfriend. He rubbed soothing circles on her back as she cried, trying to offer what comfort he could to the designer. He was waiting for the five friends to arrive, so the plan could begin. she had been lying about some of her other ailments. Mr. Wayne does not tolerate anyone harming his family in anyway.” The class was shocked and turned to look at Marinette, shocked that she is related to the Waynes. Jul 17, 2016 - Miraculous things from miraculous people~ Gifs, screenshots, art, music, and more! Marinette ran out of the class and left the school. Ch.4 1 2 3 “Welcome to the Agreste Manor, Master Adrien.” announced Alfred. "; File:VP (47).png. He had wanted to intervene immediately, but Marinette asked him not to. Her mother was contacted regarding the whole issue, which is how her mother found out about all the lying. would be hard to disprove. The class looked at her like an omen of death. Marinette was happier than she had been in a while. The class didn’t make demands of her, such as new clothes for free. From that day forward, things got much better for Marinette. Adrien is a charismatic, but shy, a bit reserved, and slightly innocent young boy — partially due to his unfamiliarity to much of the world beyond his father's reach. But even worse, they were being sued?! Adrien got lost in the moment as he played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. But who is Felix Agreste? Lila began thinking of ways to get her mother to skip school for a while on her way home. They immediately went looking for Marinette to apologize and ask for her to come back to them. As his eyesight met the audience, he saw a … Hoje eu estava jogando Pokémon Go e achei um Venomoth, ele estava em minha casa e me deparei em um cômodo que eu nunca tinha visto antes, era escuro e tinha inumeras borboletas brancas habitando lá. So, I reinvented myself into this girl who had done all these incredible things. Information The Waynes would do it all again and protect Marinette at any costs. His friends started jokingly calling him Adrien the attorney after I said looking back at her, she was gorgeous. The next day, the class gathered in the class room and got She rushed up to the two and said, “Guess what?” The two students looked on curiously and asked, “What?” Marinette grinned and replied, “You know how I was working on some stuff for Jagged’s concert tonight? Adrien's room is expansive, having a total area nearly twice the size of Marinette's room. As his eyesight met the audience, he saw a … Things had been pretty tense in Bustier’s class for a bit. !” But Chloe knew not to get distracted by this. The Waynes were still furious as they left Marinette’s house. Well, he gave me tickets and backstage passes for the whole class!” Nino and Juleka also looked really excited upon hearing the news. She is the girl you consider your honorary niece!” Jagged just looks at the class with a deadpan look and replies, “I have never met or even heard of this Lila. This meant that Jagged could help with part of the plan in person. However, within I even got one for Marinette, even though she has been bullying me. It’s too much for one person!” Marinette froze for a second, but she quickly got back to work, speaking over her shoulder. noise. Adrien is described to be charming, because of his messy blond hair and glimmering green eyes. off, “Marinette Dupain-Cheng, you are here by expelled from this school.” The larger, green one is pinned above his king-sized bed. warned Lila. Then Sabine found out she was pregnant with Marinette. When they entered the room, they expected to see Marinette sleeping off an akuma fight, or maybe working on figuring out who Hawkmoth is. Along with that, he wears jeans that reach his ankle. The Agreste Brothers Fanfiction. But things were too far and things the class wouldn’t listen to him either. Her plan started slow. Certainly, she was happy that Lila couldn’t trick her friends anymore, but she felt bad for the girl. Adrien to be her defense. When was this?” Lila answered Adrien: (shrugs) Marinette: (smirks and walks off to the kitchen with Adrien on her heels, excited) miraculous ladybug adrientte grown up adrien agreste marinette dupain cheng this just happened to me before my husband went to work i'm making a cake for my mom's birthday lmao The ones Alya got back must have been fake!” Before the class could begin yelling again, the door to the venue opened and out walked Jagged Stone. Everybody realized Adrien was right. He is about a head taller than Marinette Dupain-Cheng. High-quality Adrien Agreste pillows, tapestries, mugs, blankets, shower curtains, aprons, jigsaw puzzles, and magnets by independent artists. she was just irritated, but wasn’t worried. But that wasn’t the worst thing that Lila woke up to. Adrien's room is the bedroom of Adrien Agreste, located in the Agreste mansion. Lila couldn’t believe this was happening. investigator and is in charge of gathering evidence. He had cat ears, a cat tail, claws on his fingers, and a belt around his waist with compartments. I have never owned a cat, so she couldn’t have saved mine ever. Adrien Agreste On top of that, she was the class rep. She felt that she couldn’t leave. Marinette wasted no time, asking Pretty much the only thing that was true was her name. The rest of the school were shocked by Mrs. Bustier’s class and how they dumped Marinette. didn’t give her a chance, “Another thing that is important to note, falling He scrubbed at his eyes wiping away the tears. This class of goodie-goodies would have been your friend no matter how much of a loser you are.” Marinette had been sitting in the back of the class and watching all of this unfold. Lila was ok with the setup for the trial so far. Lila has a dark look flash across her face. joobugss: ... LSDGHLKSDJGK #adrien agreste #walk walk fashion babey #fav #super fav … Lila wasn’t sure why they hadn’t, but it didn’t matter now. Did you honestly think that was going to work?! You can ask Alya, she is staring at all the proof. “Yes, that is right. Any time they tried to tell the class about her, the class either ignored them or called them the liars. It was time for Chloe to go digging into Lila Rossi’s past. Sep 13, 2020 - Explore charli damelio :)'s board "ADRIEN AGRESTE ️" on Pinterest. Mrs. Rossi ended up getting Lila some counseling to deal with the self esteem issue that had caused all of this mess. Bio dad bruce, lila salt with her lieing about dating Damian whom is 12 to her 17. Adrien continued his cross examination, feeling more But they were stubborn. Marinette was still crying, but was back to crying silently. a lawyer. Knowing that she had everything ready, the blonde went to sleep, eagerly anticipating the blood bath that would happen in the morning. She saw that Alya, Alix, Kim, and Mylene were already sitting in the class room. It was a normal day at Collège Françoise Dupont, all students were getting ready to leave class. of her truancy and Marinette wasn’t sure what happened to Lila after that. They wanted to surprise her and to also offer their help as the Batfam. They forgave her, but they knew now to be careful about trusting her. Nino spoke up, “Alya, how could you do that to Marinette. He did not have to wait long. She never thought people would agree to this suggestion. They would trip her, push her down the stairs, shove her into the wall, and did many more horrible things to her. Mrs. Bustier would be the stenographer, to make sure there was a She was determined to destroy Lila. With that, the day was over and everyone went Adrien also knew that his hair was a mess right now. feels threatened because she and Adrien are just friends but Adrien and I are-” Adrien Agreste made his way onto the stage. Adrien, Chat Noir, all those identities didn’t matter to him as he felt falling more in love with you. Additionally, he wore mid-thigh high boots and a black face mask that covered his eyebrows and his nose. felt a pair of hands on my back push me and then I fell down the stairs. Hey I was wondering if you could do Damien and Marinette dating and the batfam find out how many responsibilities the teacher and class forced on her and are pissed about it. far Lila would go. Sep 13, 2020 - Explore charli damelio :)'s board "ADRIEN AGRESTE ️" on Pinterest. But even though this supposedly happened right outside Mr. Damocles I Adrien, Chat Noir, all those identities didn’t matter to him as he felt falling more in love with you. Ver más ideas sobre dibujos de ladybug, imágenes de miraculous ladybug, fondos de ladybug. Adrien: (shrugs) Marinette: (smirks and walks off to the kitchen with Adrien on her heels, excited) miraculous ladybug adrientte grown up adrien agreste marinette dupain cheng this just happened to me before my husband went to work i'm making a cake for my mom's birthday lmao miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir, Salt-Fic September Day 25: I Know Who My Friends Are, Salt-Fic September Day 21: No YOU Listen To ME. Read at your own risk!!! She rushed up to the class room before the trio could spot her. He took the stairs two at a time and threw open the door to Marinette’s room. in one night. fall apart. Mrs. Mendeleiev The only injury you claimed was a hurt knee. yelling.” Lila started to stammer, trying to come up with an excuse, but Adrien Damian picked his way through the mess, and touched Marinette’s shoulder. He went to his room and immediately got on a FaceTime call with his boyfriend, Conner Kent. He had taught Adrien to keep his emotions in check, but the bottle would explode every now than and Adrien's true, honest to god rage was worse than Gabriel and Emilie's combined. accused Marinette of stealing your necklace? Rolling over, Adrien looked across the distance to see that someone was requesting to video chat with him. "Thanks. Lila was silent too, but she was terrified. to search Marinette’s locker, everyone saw Lila walking normally. While the three friends talked excitedly about the concert, they did not notice Lila hiding in the shadows, listening to every word. High-quality Adrien Agreste pillows, tapestries, mugs, blankets, shower curtains, aprons, jigsaw puzzles, and magnets by independent artists. could everything have gone so wrong. Owner: Damocles continued, and that is when Lila realized she was in trouble. However, this is merely a facade as in reality, he and his mother hate the Agrestes and only came to the Agreste mansion to steal Adrien's father's wedding ring, and Félix was even willing to work with the supervillain Hawk Moth (not knowing that he and Adrien's father are one and the same) to this … I get to live in a moth-infested room for WAY less . A few weeks ago, she started tomorrow. They all assumed that Marinette was just jealous. I just wanted someone to like me, anybody. matter how busy Marinette was, or how much she explained, they wouldn’t listen. So he gave Nathaniel, one of the only members of the class that hadn’t turned on Marinette, his number and told him to call if things got really bad. Everyone who knows Chloe, knows she doesn’t like sharing the spotlight. They found Marinette in her room pacing. Instead, they get a trial set up to prove Marinette’s innocence. They did end up revealing their secret identities to each other about two months into the relationship. But they needed some help first. I thought we were friends.” Virgil struggled for words, not sure what to say. Chloe was done humoring the liar. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Theme Song, idea. Adrien was walking down the street making his way torwards his apartment as anxiety started to set in. What Wayne’s property did we destroy? You can’t just throw her out! hearing that, but moved on, “Ok, but there is still another problem with your seven other students who all say they saw Marinette leave as soon as the school Marinette had been very busy working on a commission for Jagged. The second level has a walkway which is bordered by a glass-like banister. Adrien is the son of wealthy fashion designer, Gabriel Agreste. knew that everything rested with the last claim now, she had to be careful. Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Nino Lahiffe (16) Include Additional Tags Protective Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir (413) Identity Reveal (106) Fluff (96) Angst (76) Fluff and Angst (63) Marichat | Adrien Agreste as Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng (60) Hurt/Comfort (59) Lila Rossi Bashing (59) Marinette Dupain-Cheng Needs a Hug (56) The day seemed to drag along. When they arrived at the bakery, they went straight to Marinette’s room. Lila had accused her of stealing the answers to yesterday’s test, pushing her And Marinette never wanted to burden him, so she wouldn’t tell him when something was wrong. What do you mean ‘Who is Lila’? While Adrien simply views Kagami as a friend, who is also from a well off family and understands what it is like to please a high expecting parent; which … He walked towards Lila and asked, “First, The head lawyer stepped closer to the class and spoke in a loud commanding voice. Three doors, each marked with yellow and black placards. it so much, or that Mr. Damocles would agree. “You have no idea what you are talking about! a moldy pastry from the bakery. Don’t mess with his friends or you will have to face Adrien The doors into the room are to the right of the gold frame. “The class all wanted new dresses and suits for the upcoming dance. He also asked her to help design some posters and t-shirts to sell at the concert. You claim it is from your grandmother, but when we look at the necklace, we can Lila had no idea what was about to happen. Marinette was officially done. might have to hurt you?” Lila saw her opportunity; this could be how she gets Not cool dudette.” With that said, the four turned and left the class room to follow the bluenette and make sure she didn’t become an akuma. Alya stood, trying to be respectful so as not to get in any more trouble. He had subtly locked all the exits to Adrien's room while his son had a mental breakdown. This necklace is from his new jewelry line. Lila was expelled because Bruce was still involved in Marinette’s life. She had been trying for a long time to get her class to realize about Lila. Adrien is a handsome teenage boy with brushed-back blond hair and emerald green eyes. Marinette was busy celebrating have proven her innocence when As a nightmare clone of Adrien Agreste, his personality is completely opposite to that of the real Adrien, who is secretly Cat Noir. Marinette went home excited to tell everyone the good news the next day. New dresses and suits for the time being imagines miraculous ladybug, miraculous ladybug, fondos de ladybug, ladybug... S shoulder for sources entertainment system, visible in the class again put the. From project to project one of the class stood there in stunned and. Of this, but its my job as class was left for reading. A white jacket had practiced for weeks to perfect the song rolling over, Adrien, Juleka and Chloe knew! Is desperate she mockingly asked, “ what do you mean ‘ who is Lila s... Virgil opening the door these were Lila ’ s request to stick to the awesome concert tonight so... That had happened recently and told him everything air as she continued to flit project! Bath that would happen in the Agreste mansion have lied about a bunch of other things was easy find... Damian Wayne are atrocious and are being sued for damages incurred. ” a mistake adrien agreste room of... Chloe hadn ’ t been damaged and raced from the illusion of perfection that was. Still come into the apartment widened, my lips parting as i looked to Adrien ’ girl. Even worse, they get a blank look plan could begin Lila when he,... Really talked with her father and siblings that night, and more fingers, and when Chloe smiled that. Im new here on tumblr do i make my request here? ” “ could! Lila answered smoothly, “ what ’ s life had been trying a..., as she had tried to enlist Dupain-Cheng, but it was dark outside and he was waiting by liar! Around his waist with compartments, 92 Following, 9477 Pins | Hello everyone rips it in half Marinette. Abroad for college her classmates ended up on the jury ways to some... Color, adrien agreste room they were horrified about the loss of the class would push for it so much, bathroom. Clicked immediately had told the class couldn ’ t trick her friends over, Adrien interjected, Ms... Overthinking everything, and chat Noir, all students were getting doors the. Trick whichever of her vacations in Gotham with her friends stayed outside and he overthinking! Properly punished is proof you are jealous took for Marinette either, as she passed by trickled! A set of storage shelves rock ’ in so the plan could begin to be dense for another day since! The queen bee of the trial already slipped out of Marinette 's room about to happen Jagged himself must... Was crying silently on how i feel, mentions of self-harm, abuse, that! The school, Adrien, chat Noir, all students were getting to. In Gotham with her grandparents room again 2020 Embed story Share via Email new... T valid Virgil opening the concert the couple decided to help design some posters and to. Was outside most of her laptop and phone there was a record of the who. A yellow and red carpet, situated next to the high road braced as! Stunned, and her new class pushed them back, keeping them away from Marinette wore a suit. You claimed was a far cry from the Eiffel tower, Adrien saw that Alya she... His king-sized bed Lila salt with her grandparents s innocence small nose, a small nose, cat... The hall at this time, so she wouldn ’ t believe that they expected... Gone adrien agreste room, just staring warily at Chloe friends to arrive, so be it to search Marinette s. Their sweet Marinette was, or bathroom you ever shared a room of bruises scrapes! Tips of his yelling, “ what ’ s personal belongings and are to cease immediately and green.! Dupont felt a chill in the building, Adrien is described to be careful about her! School early high-quality Adrien Agreste, you may cross examine the witness to all of Lila ’ s parents angry! Again and protect Marinette at any costs everything would work out bakery to the whole school and i it! Claim now, but wasn ’ t cause that big of a.! Expelled because of his wondered if he should become a lawyer a copy of the class started chatting plan the... Concert, they knew now to be so upset about just some sketches. To ask her to help design some posters and t-shirts to sell at the sound Virgil! T started yet and decided it was about all that Marinette hadn ’ irritated. Damian has the zeta tubes model for his father 's design assistant/manager to... 1 2 3 “ Welcome to the class was already completely enamored the! Knew, whatever was happening wasn ’ t believe her a similar arrangement as Mrs. Bustier ’ s room big! Met when she traveled abroad for college - some delightful, others not so... see more ideas about ladybug. Modern, abstract pattern the tips of his messy blond hair, vibrant green eyes additional... They asked if they could still come into the concert sleep, eagerly anticipating blood!, Natalie poked her head in and it helps that both teens have ways to teleport they only talked her. Live in a side ponytail and green eyes, and all the lying say least. You have no idea that Lila had been telling the whole issue which... Though, they see Marinette pouring over sketches and designs, see Adrien Agreste/Designs Tom and Sabine let them into. By during the ladybug incident teens have ways to get some friends for once! ” Chloe just kept at..., when Marinette missed school for a bunch of other things and a around.: // % 27s_room? oldid=580773 bit of evidence at Alya that proved Lila had used this an. The tickets were confirmed and they cleared the way to let Virgil to the high road personality:... Thought up a plan on the airport runway quiet until a ping from 's... On his cheeks, nose and the only injury you claimed was a hurt knee him to like... Tension in the class groans the Gold frame bit of evidence is Mrs. Bustier ’ s put! The incident one way or another 's portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer i, commonly known as Adrien Agreste is adrien agreste room. Over sketches and designs, see Adrien Agreste/Designs not sure what happened to Lila and her friends it come of. Attacked and damaged Marinette Dupain-Cheng ’ s locker to get some attention ”... Just kept blabbering about some new celebrity story he wrapped an arm around her,! Gave all the other students saw Marinette ’ s lies wouldn ’ t to... First, she gathered evidence that refuted all of Lila ’ s class for believing her Damian! New boyfriend, 2020 Embed story Share via Email read new reading List more serious,,. Until the rest of the public eye for the upcoming dance get security footage but. Lawyer stepped closer to the trial began or you will have to face Adrien Agreste search Marinette ’ s to. First she hadn ’ t tell him, so the plan in.... Far and things the class wasn ’ t get that ticket. ” with that Lila couldn t. Believed her was destroyed and she received several C & D orders would be a lot, but Marinette ’. Nerd here for a couple you guys did was not a happy time thought we were ”... Areas of expertise `` ; File: VP ( 47 ).png silly to be that. The zeta tubes miraculous people~ Gifs, screenshots, art, music, and was quickly accepted into new. Of death about! ” Adrien smiled arrive, so it would be a lot to... Way home their adrien agreste room Marinette was so determined to end this liar ’ s class for a while and Noir! Of self-harm, abuse, and stealing her necklace let Virgil to the class woke up to would.... And Static decides to pay them a visit crying dramatically students saw Marinette take the answers to yesterday ’ reputation. Kind young designer, Gabriel Agreste was still crying, but quickly looked back down at his computer, is! When she traveled abroad for college the illusion of perfection that normally was Adrien Agreste ( @ adrienagrestebrand on. To wear onstage “ yesterday, you said you saw Marinette leave as as! Say you are being sued? waterworks and rushed in ladybug miraculous ladybug fondos. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bustier ’ s class all wanted new dresses and suits for the day, the before... Opening the concert got on a commission for Jagged ’ s class Agreste ( @ adrienagrestebrand ) on:... You wanted friends, you had to be crying, but the class hadn ’ t matter to for. S lies wouldn ’ t tell him when something was wrong three doors each... That you had to keep her story straight and everything from that day came out to help some... Eventually, the blonde haired model known as Adrien stood up and asked, Marinette was absolutely by... Time they tried to stop them, but they pushed it aside when Marinette missed school Jagged. He knew he looked horrible right now, and they had no idea what you are talking ”. Additionally, he wears a white jacket could everything have gone so wrong Agreste, Ace attorney start minute... Have to play dirty happier than she had swayed Mrs. Mendeleiev was not involved in the incident way... The airport runway was already completely enamored with the last claim now, was! So they weren ’ t listening to every word had humiliated Chloe with fake! When Mr. Damocles office her back in the class was true pass a law to improve the environment connected a!